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10th-13th October
Keighley Arts and Film Festival 2019

The first ever Keighley Arts and Film Festival (KAFF) is happeing. Bringing together people living and working in Keighley including different artists, film makers and people in the creative industries who want to form stronger working links and better promote the town’s creative people and projects.

KAFF is purely focused on the planning, organisation and delivery of the ‘Our Window on the World’ ....

Little People are coming

Behind the scenes we are working to create a great festival

Funders and supporters

The aims of KAFF are: 

• To outreach to and engage all the Town’s diverse communities in a high quality celebratory festival

• To bring in visitors from wider afield to Keighley

• To positively promote the Town and it creative industries

• To stimulate opportunities for existing arts and film initiatives and individuals to network and collaborate and strengthen inter-connectivity

• To support and strengthen the growth of Keighley’s existing arts and film businesses and initiatives

• To widen opportunities for new experience and open up opportunities for residents of all ages to experience new/diverse arts and film mediums

• To build inclusivity and diversity into all aspects of the festival

• To inspire potential new artists, musicians, writers and other creative talent

• To widen skill, training and employment opportunities both in the creative industries, and from all the infrastructure support activities and roles that will be needed to deliver a successful large-scale event

• Bring more financial backing into arts and film initiatives in Keighley to enable expansion and widen access and reach

Supportive comments on the festival

“I understand something is going to happen”

“yes somthing is going to happen!”

“of course somethign is going to happen.”


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